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Grimes - Go ft. Blood Diamonds

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Smog over New York, 1966: Around Thanksgiving, smog swept into the city, prompting a flurry of articles, dramatic front page pictures and emergency alerts in several states. Though hospitals reported that no one was immediately injured by the smog, the long-term effects were cited as a concern, and Mayor John V. Lindsay — back in City Hall after a Bermuda vacation — discussed a plan to require buildings to dispose of garbage by means other than incinerators. Would rents increase as a result? “I can’t say for sure. There’s a problem,” the mayor said. Photo: Neal Boenzi/The New York Times


In 1955, Easter fell on April 10, and in the day’s paper a stand-alone photo — taken on Good Friday — showed Torrance Helen watering lilies on the 64th floor of the RCA Building (30 Rockefeller Plaza). The picture ran near a mention of an egg-rolling event in Central Park that drew 1,500 children to push eggs across the Great Lawn, and a prediction of 70 degree weather on Sunday. The story provided a variety of other Easter observations, including one for Sing Sing’s 1,450 prisoners, who would “get an opportunity to attend Easter services in chapels bedecked with plants and flowers, enjoy a special dinner and see the movie, ‘Gone With the Wind.’ ” Photo:

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To celebrate the return of doctorwho this weekend, I made this t-shirt. This is how I did it:


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