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The cast of Game of Thrones get glammed up (x)

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July 1, 1960: Happy campers’ eyes were dry on a day of exodus as 7,000 children from the city boarded trains at Grand Central Terminal to be whisked to various summer camps. “By next Thursday,” The Times reported, “about 35,000 will have passed through the terminal and Pennsylvania Station. Other thousands will depart by bus.” Some children, however, stayed behind, and got soaked, as these children did in the Bronx, playing in front of a fire hydrant opened by the Police Athletic League. Photo: Robert Walker/The New York Times


Jan. 4, 1933: The oceanliner L’Atlantique, en route to Cherbourg from Bordeaux for “annual overhauling,” caught fire near the Normandy coast, near its destination,  and “rumors of sabotage were current.” The fire had spread so swiftly, starting from somewhere in the first-class quarters, that its cause couldn’t be determined, and 17 of its 238 crew were presumed dead (and, later, five stowaways were found dead). A literal tug-o’-war ensued, as ships from France, Germany and the Netherlands vied to tow it back and receive compensation. A French and Dutch ship reached the beleaguered vessel first, and “the tugs started pulling in opposite directions, getting nowhere and endangering the L’Atlantique even further.” Order was restored by a nearby warship. Photo: The New York Times


Jan. 13, 1977: A four-alarm fire on Jones Street in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, part of, apparently, a phenomenon: “Fireman Victor Bengyak, a veteran member of Engine Company 24 in the West Village, recalled during the fire that Jones Street had had ‘an amazing number of major-alarm fires.’” As had the rest of the city: 19 companies from outer boroughs responded to seven multi-alarm fires in Manhattan that night, to cover the depleted forces addressing the Jones Street building. Photo: Paul Hosefros/The New York Times

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Love this sleeve.






Gracia Scale Top



kellysue, is this what you had on at ECCC?


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