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Oh Luci, you bad bitch you!

Totally loving Baal’s quotes this issue.

It’s The Wicked + The Divine day! So happy when this day comes and it’s a corker of an issue.


The Wicked and the Divine
Covers so far
By Gillen and McKelvie

These are soon good.

(via thewickedandthedivine)


From D Day to the Watches Project

Hanhart Military Watch at

This is beautiful.


Available from me at SPX, table B9:

  • High quality color prints, 8x10”, 11x16” and 13x19”
  • Solid Sight —SPX special!
  • Four Points - Sneak Peeks
  • Hana Doki Kira

I’ve turned Solid Sight 3D into a digital PDF, since the 3D pictures work a lot better on a monitor than printed. When you buy Solid Sight Analog, you will receive a pair of 3D glasses and a digital 3D version, emailed right to you. :) A couple weeks after SPX the digital version will go up for sale online. 

Love these.